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Programul Conferinței –...

Programul Conferinței – Conference Program – El Programa de la Conferencia

Programul Conferinței / Conference Program / El Programa de la Conferencia


Prof. Alexandru ŢICLEA, PhD – Ecological University of Bucharest, Founding Director of Romanian Journal of Labor Law.
Prof. Lourdes MELLA MÉNDEZ, PhD – University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Prof. Belén del Mar LÓPEZ INSUA, PhD – Granada University, Spain
Prof. Ángel Guillermo Ruiz MORENO , PhD – University of Guadalajara, Mèxico
Prof. Horváth ISTVÁN, PhD – Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
Prof. Miryam GONZÁLEZ RABANAL, PhD – National Distance Education University, Spain
Prof. Vlad BARBU, PhD – University Ovidius of Constanta, Romania
Prof. Gabriela MENDIZÁBAL BERMÚDEZ – Autonomous University of Morelos State – Mèxico
Prof. Julio Ismael CAMACHO SOLIS – Autonomous University of Chiapas- Mèxico.
Assoc. Prof. Septimiu PANAINTE, PhD – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
Assoc. Prof. Carmen NENU, PhD – University of Pitesti, Romania
Assoc. Prof. Sandra TAVARES, PhD – Portuguese Catholic University – Porto, Portugalia
Assoc. Prof. Jean José TAMARONES ROSAS – Free University of Bogota- Colombia.
Assoc. Prof. Gabriel Aurelian ULUITU – Nicolae Titulescu University, Bucharest, Romania
Assoc. Prof. Radu Răzvan POPESCU, PhD – National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania
Lect. Nicoleta ENACHE, PhD – Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania
Lect. Eusebiu Andrei Săvescu, PhD – West University of Timişoara
Lect. Edvana TIRI, PhD – Mediterranean University of Tirana, Albania
Lect. Magdolna VALLASEK, PhD – Sapientia University, Cluj Napoca, Romania


Prof. Dan ŢOP, PhD – Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania
Lect. Nicoleta ENACHE, PhD – Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania
Assistant Dorin IANCU, PhD – Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania
Marius MIHĂLĂCHIOIU, PhD – Dâmboviţa County Tribunal
Ana Maria IANCU, PhD candidate – Legal Adviser

۩ The Conference will take place on line. Access can be done by accessing the following coordinates:
Meeting ID: 323 503 6823
Passcode: 323 503 6823
۩ Conference schedule: ● January 15, 2021 – call for papers ● March 15, 2021 – deadline for inscription ● March 30, 2021 – acceptance by the Organizing Committee ● April 30, 2021 – deadline for submission of the full text of the study – in English ● May 8, 2021 – dissemination of the conference program ● May 13-14, 2021 – conference sessions
۩ Information regarding conference registration and paper publication: Registration will be done by sending the registration form and the full text of the paper at the following e-mail address:
The studies will be written in English and will have a length of 6-8 pages; Page setup: A4 page (Setup: Top – 2 cm, Bottom – 2 cm, Left – 3 cm, Right – 2 cm); The title of the paper will be written in Times New Roman font, size 14, all caps, bold, center alignment; After two empty lines (size 12) below the title, the full name and surname will be writen, in Times New Roman font, size 12, bold, right alignment; only the surname will be written with capital letters;
After the surname, a footnote will be inserted and the scientific title or, where appropriate, the profession, each followed by the affiliation, will be indicated in the footnote text;
After two empty lines (size 12) below the name, the abstract will be included (max.300 words), written in Times New Roman font, size 10, italic, single line spacing, justify alignment; On a new line below the abstract, the keywords (3-5) will be written, in Times New Roman font, size 10, italic, single line spacing, justify alignment;
After two empty lines (size 12) below the keywords, the content of the paper will be written, formatted in Times New Roman font, size 12, single line spacing, justify alignment;
To highlight fragments of text, use only italic font, do not use bold or underline font;
The footnotes will be formatted as numbers, with the footnote text written in Times New Roman font, size 10, single line spacing, justify alignment. Bibliographic references in footnotes will have the following form: Author (Name, surname), Title, publisher, place, year, page(s) indication (use „p.” when referring to one page or „pp.” when referring to multiple pages). Indications in Latin (idem, op. cit., ibid., sqq etc.) will be written in italics. For bibliographic references that refer to periodicals, the footnote entries will have the following form: Author, „Article quoted”, Publication name, number, location, year, p./pp. The references to book chapters or contributions in collective works will be written in similar manner: Author A, „Chapter quoted” in Author B (coord./ed.), Title, publisher, place, year, p./pp. Each footnote text ends with a point; After one empty line (size 12) below the text, the Bibliography will be written, in Times New Roman font, size 10, single line spacing, justify alignment. The papers submitted on time (no later than April 30, 2018) will be subject to a peer review process conducted by conference scientific reviewers in accordance with the relevant international scientific standards. Accepted papers will be published, in English, in the conference proceedings – a supplement to “Revue Europénne du Droit Social” Journal, a specialized publication BDI indexed: Index Copernicus, CEEOL, EBSCO Publishing, DESY Publication Database, Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), and accredited by CNCSIS Romania.

13 MAI 2021

Participarea la Conferință se poate face accesând următoarea adresă:
Meeting ID: 323 503 6823

09.30- Deschiderea conferinței – prezentarea participanților
Partea I- lb. română (09.30 – 12.30)
Moderator: Dan ŢOP, Professor PhD

Alexandru ŢICLEA, Professor PhD, Adelina DUŢU, PhD Lecturer – Harassment at work. Teoreticul and practical aspects – Universitatea Ecologică, București – România.

Dan ŢOP, Professor PhD – The economic and social consequences of the increase in the number of employees working, as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic, in the telework regime in Romania – Universitatea Valahia din Târgoviște- România

Gabriel ULUITU – Associate Professor PhD – Considerations regarding the suspension of the individual employment contract – Universitatea Nicolae Titulescu, București- România

Septimiu PANAINTE – Associate Professor PhD, Ramona Daniela STÂNGACIU – PhD Student -The labor inspector searching for … Godot: undeclared distance work – Universitatea A. I. Cuza din Iaşi- România
Carmen Constantina NENU – Associate Professor PhD – Evolulution of the employer`s right to establish the work schedule-Universitatea din Piteşti- România
Radu Răzvan POPESCU, Associate Professor PhD – Telework in the context of postpandemic labor relations – SNSPA București- România

Sorin Alexandru VERNEA – Senior lecturer – Peculiarities of granting employment leave in case of Sars Cov 2 infection under Romanian regulation. Lessons for the future – Universitatea din București – România

Ada HURBEAN – Associate Professor PhD, Bogdan FLOREA – Assitent Lecturer PhD – Working from home and teleworking from a fiscal perspective -Universitatea 1 decembrie 1918, Alba Iulia- România
Candit Valentin VERNEA – PhD Student – Pandemic, insolvency and labour relations. Current challenges, Universitatea din București- România
Ana Maria Alexandra IANCU – PhD Student – Social protection of vulnerable people at work, ICJ Academia Română

PAUZĂ – 12.30– 13.00

Partea II – lb. engleză 13.00-15.30
Moderator: Edvana TIRI, Lecturer PhD

Participation in the Conference can be done by accessing the following address:
Meeting ID: 323 503 6823

Horváth ISTVÁN- Associate Professor PhD; Petrovics ZOLTÁN -Assistant Professor PhD- COVID 19 in Hungary – Therapy and aftereffects in employment – Eötvös Loránd University- Hungaria

Magdolna VALLASEK – Senior lecturer – The Effects of the Pandemic on Work-Life Balance of Employees – Problems and Conclusions – Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania- România

Alberto LEVI – Professor PhD – The ”lavoro agile” in the Italian legal system, as an anti-contagion policy. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia- Italia

Edvana TIRI, Lecturer PhD –-The Contract of Employment and the Rights of Employees in Albania – University Aleksandër Moisiu, Durres- Albania

Andon KUME – Associate Professor PhD – Public adminstration recruitment in Albania according to EU standarts – University Aleksandër Moisiu, Durres- Albania

Linert LIREZA – Lecturer PhD – Freedom of Contract in Labour Relations – University Aleksandër Moisiu, Durres – Albania

Sandra TAVARES – Associate Professor PhD – Repercussions of Covid on parental labor rights ‚ Catholic University Porto -Portugalia

Ana Teresa RIBEIRO – Lecturer PhD – Collective bargaining and platform work, – Catholic University Porto – Portugalia

João Moreira DIAS – PhD Candidate – The portuguese telework regulation before and after COVID – Universidad Santiago de Compostela- Portugalia

14 MAI 2021

lb. spaniolǎ 17.00-20.30 (Hora de Rumania)
Moderator: Nicoleta ENACHE, Lecturer PhD

El acceso se puede realizar accediendo a las siguientes coordenadas:
ID de la reunion:: 323 503 6823

Gabriela MENDIZÁBAL BERMÚDEZ- El trabajo con perspectiva de género – UAEM- Mèxico.

Julio Ismael CAMACHO SOLIS – Los sindicatos en la negociacion colectiva en Mèxico por la pandemia del Covid 19 – Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas- Mèxico.

Lόpez Insua BELÉN DEL MAR – Incidencia de Covid 19-en materia de incapacidades y riesgos profesionales – Universidad de Granada -España.

Alberto Chartzman BIRENBAUM – Towards a labor right with a human face- Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero-Buenos Aires Argentina.

Guillermo FERRIOL MOLINA – Right of the work and the post pandemic- Cuba.

Juan Manuel GÓMEZ RODRÍGUEZ- Los retos del Teletrabajo con la nueva reforma laboral en Mexico- UAEM-Mexico.

Luis Serrano DÍAZ- Labor inspection and remote work in Peru – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos- Perú.

Jean José TAMARONES ROSAS – Desconexión Laboral Post Covid ¿Quimera o Presagio? -Universidad Libre Bogota- Colombia.

Rúben Toledo ORIHUELA – Las consecuencias del Teletrabajo en Mexico a partir de la pandemia – UAEM- Mèxico.

Roberto Martínez REGINO – Las políticas públicas para el trabajo digno e inclusivo después de la pandemia – UAEM- Mèxico.

Alejandra JIMÈNEZ GARCÌA – Repensar la educaciòn superior despuès de la pandemia por SARS-Cov-2 en Mèxico- Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Los Cabos- Mèxico.

Ángel Edoardo Ruiz BUENROSTRO – The regulation of distance work and its impact on labor informality in Mexico- Universidad de Guadalajara – Mèxico.
Ceremonia de clausura
La ceremonia de clausura tendrá lugar tras la discusión del último ponente de la conferencia
Închiderea conferinței.

Judecător dr. Uţă Lucia, Curtea de Apel București
Judecător Basidtru Ella Cristina, Tribunalul Hunedoara
Judecător Popescu Iulia, Judecătoria Târgoviște

13 mai 2021
Ora (time)- partea. II.
13.00 Romania
12.00 Albania
12.00 Italia
11.00 Portugalia
12.00 Ungaria

14 mai 2021
Hora del evento – partea III.

17.00 România
12.00 Argentina
10.00 Col ombia
11.00 Cuba
16.00 España
10.00 Peru
09.00 Mexic

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