The maternity disability regime: parental leave, comparative law; Spain-Romania-Colombia

The legal work called The maternity disability regime: parental leave, comparative law; Spain-Romania-Colombia, by the distinguished jurists Belén del Mar López Insua, Dan Ţop Martha Elisa Monsalve Cuellar, Diego Alexander Calderón Bernal, María Paula Dávila Ariza, is to highlight the mixture of objective and critical thinking of prominent scholars of labor and social security, that mixture of professional and academic expertise rare to find in a globalized legal world nuanced with new and disruptive legal specialties.

Combining three countries to integrate a social issue such as maternity and paternity means then, comparing their own legal systems in a single aspect to highlight how their legislation, judicial decisions and their jurisprudential source complement each other, undoubtedly giving a comprehensive vision, which documented will be an affluent of information for future research in this matter for the study of social protection, where each author leaves today established solid bases to be able to consider this work in comment as an obligatory reference for consultation.

Dr. Julio Ismael Camacho Solis

Industria 4.0. Trabajo y seguridad social


Industria 4.0
Trabajo y seguridad social

Introducción (PDF)

Mendizábal Bermúdez, Gabriela

Primera parte
Parte general

Seguridad social y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Mendizábal Bermúdez, Gabriela

Segunda parte
Estudios de casos internacionales

México y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Ruiz Moreno, Ángel Guillermo

Ruiz Buenrostro, Ángel Edoardo

Calvillo Barragán, Stephanie

España y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Sierra Benítez, Esperanza Macarena

Chile y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Arellano Ortiz, Pablo Andrés

Francia y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Palli, Bárbara

Italia y la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Cermelli, Massimo

Llamosas, Aida

Tercera parte
México y sus problemas en relación con la industria 4.0

La industria 4.0 y los sindicatos (PDF)

Reynoso Castillo, Carlos

Los jóvenes y su inserción en la industria 4.0 (PDF)

Morales Ramírez, María Ascensión

La inclusión social en el trabajo digital laboral (PDF)

Camacho Solís, Julio Ismael



Dan Ţop – Labor Law Treaty


The revised and supplemented Third Edition of the Labor Law Treaty, published at Bucharest Publishing House Mustang, takes into account the legislation until 1 July 2018 and is structured in eleven chapters, corresponding to areas of great interest in the field of labor law, being analyzed: the legal employment relationship labor law in the law system, collective labor relations, individual work relationships, vocational training; working time and rest time; wages, health and safety at work; legal liability, labor disputes, labor inspection
The bibliography consulted for the paper reveals the latest courses, treatises and monographs in the field, as well as numerous studies and articles from specialized journals, which makes it a real retrospective of doctrine and jurisprudence in the field of labor law.
Through impressive bibliography, references to situations in court practice, the work is part of works that are solid doctrinal references, being useful not only for students, master students and doctoral students, but also for all legal specialists.


On the problem of the situation of the jubilee and pensionados en el mundo entero y en Mexico, no exclusive of the institutions, of the social affairs. The global situation in the global crisis is based on international initiatives in the field of labor and the ultranza and the process of supporting the system of pension systems and the private system, which is the mainstay of an inclusive sex.

It is clear that there is a clear evidence of the current situation in the pension system and of the initiatives that have been identified and the solution to this problem is that of the crisis and of the institutions.